Tuesday, July 12, 2011



This cartoon character is the character my idol when I was in elementary school. Donald Duck is a duck that is often shown wearing a blue sailor suit at Disney. I was surprised with this cartoon character, he wear sailor, but why not wear pants. I sometimes imitate this character, especially when I take a shower.

full name of Donald Duck, is Donald Fauntleroy Duck (his middle name is a reference to a sailor hat clothing accessory for Fauntleroy).

Donald is a character trait of irritability. although angry, this figure looks funny, silly, whacky.

This cartoon character often gets unlucky.
He also frequently fired, and exchange-rate job.

as any additional information from me, Birthdays Donald passed on June 9, 1934.

let's look at funny pictures cartoon character Donald Duck ...

below, shows the image of donald duck which I get from the internet:




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    1. thanks of your information. I love Disney cartoon. especially Donald Duck. Donald Duck is a cartoon character that I saw the first time in my life.

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